This is Tim and Jill! We are excited to begin this new journey both with each other and all of you. 

As we go along, we will be hosting a podcast and writing about the community, things that we find are important and need to share. We will also be interviewing artists, authors, activists, and many more people that are trying to get their word out while making this world a better place one step at a time. 

Here a little information about the hosts of Our View.

Hi! I’m Tim and I am one of the co-hosts for the weekly podcast Our View with Tim and Jill. I am an LGBT Advocate and believe very strongly that all humans should be treated equally and fairly. I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I love spending time with my best friend Jill, which is one of the reasons why her and I started this show! I am so excited for each person who tunes in and listens. I hope you enjoy our show!
I’m Jillian, I’m quirky and love to read random quotes. Together Tim and I have created Our View where we share our opinions, beliefs and adventures to our listeners and readers as we help build a better place to live one step at a time. I believe very strongly that all humans, especially children, should be treated equally and fairly. I have an Associates in Human Services, a Bachelors in General Music and an Associates in Child Development.

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